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Details of Tourneys & Rules

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Details of Tourneys & Rules

Post by Wolfen on Sat Oct 22, 2016 1:02 pm


1 vs 1 Tourney

Time: 4th November at 17.00 CET

Random maps will be used!


Everyone plays at the same time for 1 hour.
The last map of qualifying shall start within the 1 hour limit, and that can be finished.
Top 8 players from Qualification will go to Single Elimination Phase.

CW script will be used in Qualification to calculate points gathered.

Quarter-finals: Race to 3 (max. 5 maps)

QF1: 1st vs. 8th
QF2: 4th vs. 5th
QF3: 3rd vs. 6th
QF4: 2nd vs. 7th

Semi-finals: Race to 3 (max. 5 maps)

SF1: QF1 winner vs. QF2 winner
SF2: QF3 winner vs. QF4 winner

Final: Race to 4 (max. 7 maps)

Final match: SF1 winner vs. SF2 winner

Last Man Standing (LMS)

Time: 5th November at 17.00 CET

Random maps will be used!

- There will be 3 sessions, each with separate winners.
- Once a session is started, others who come later, cannot join the current session, only the next one (after we have a winner), because this is an elimination styled event.
- The last placed player of a map is always out, despite finishing the race or not.
- It might happen that in case of some maps only 1 player will finish, but if for example other 5 guys are competing who didn't finish the map, only the last of them is eliminated.
- Obviously, the last map is the one when only 2 players are remaining, and the winner of that map gets the victory of the session.
- We'll use the cw script to see who is participating in the event, if somebody got eliminated, he should get out of the Last Man Standing group that will be created for this occasion.

CoDEx Maps Tournament

Time: 6th November at 17.00 CET

Given 15 maps to play

You can download maps here: file/y12g5uj00kbh3t7/

As the maps given here were made by CoDEx members: Commodore2, Reiko, Wolfen, Z3ITM4NN, these players cannot take part in this tourney.
However other CoDEx guys can freely play. The above mentioned players can participate in the other 2 tournaments, since random maps will be used there.

CW script will be used to calculate points gathered.

Qualification: all 15 maps to play, half of the players go to Final.
E.g: From 11 racers first 5 reaches Final, and out of 12 players top 6 will go to Final.

Final: all 15 maps to play, X number of players will fight for winning (depends on the number of participants).

* Each tourney will take approximately 2-3 hours.

** There are GM off & fun maps on server, if we encounter these, we'll change map.


Each tourney winner will get the New Rank with the Right to use /setnextmap on our server. (The winner of 1 vs 1, CoDEx maps tournament & each LMS session winner.)

General Rules:

1. Any form of cheating will result in a ban!
2. You can NOT use vehicle or any sort of mods!
3. It's illegal to fake players!
4. Respect your opponents. NO insults, NO spamming!
5. If you lose connection before starting your match, we'll wait few minutes for you. If you got disconnected after starting the match, you're out.
6. Please keep to the schedule, matches will start at a given time (details coming after registration is closed).
7. Bear in mind that this is just a game, and DON'T rage.
8. Have fun Smile

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